COVID DisinfectionProfessional disinfecting table in room

The SaniMaster disinfection service from ServiceMaster Advantage provides a smart and safe approach to cleaning your property. Our commercial disinfection services will remove all the bacteria, germs, and other items that might stick around your space. Take a look at what makes our service trustworthy, and you’ll see how essential our work can be for your business and its patrons.

Safe for Use

The ServiceMaster Advantage team uses EPA-approved disinfectants that can kill various pathogens. Among these items include ones that can kill off COVID-19 and other potentially dangerous viruses.

We also use safe antimicrobial compounds prevents bacteria, mold, and other items from developing around your property. Our work ensures the safety and security of everyone.

We Work with Many Schedules

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it where people need to clean their items more often. People are following more frequent and consistent cleaning schedules to ensure everything stays safe.

You might have unique disinfecting needs at your property. Our team at ServiceMaster Advantage can work with any schedule. We will work with you to create a custom disinfection plan that fits your needs.

High-Touch Surface Cleaning

Every property has high-touch surfaces that require extra attention. These include countertops, elevator buttons, escalator handrails, door handles, and many other items. Each of these items could be a potential breeding ground for various viruses. Our disinfection technicians will concentrate on these potentially risky surfaces. We will treat all these surfaces and clean off anything that might develop harmful items.

Focus on Air Quality

The air quality around your property needs extra support. The air quality can become stuffy or otherwise weak if you aren’t careful. Our team at ServiceMaster will clean out your air ducts and check on your HVAC system to see that it functions well and that it is not forcing any germs or other bits of bacteria around your air ducts.

We can use disinfectants around your air ducts and replace the filters around your HVAC system. We can clean out those filters if necessary, or we can add new ones if the need arises. Every property has different disinfection needs, and our team at ServiceMaster will figure out what you require based on the air quality in your space.

Contact our office today if you need commercial disinfection services. Our SaniMaster service will ensure your property has the ServiceMaster Advantage.