pasadena janitorial servicesWhen it comes to your workplace, you want to make a good impression with the crisp and sharp appearance of a clean work environment. A sloppy office demonstrates to customers that you don’t care or that you lack attention to detail. Fortunately, it’s quite a simple task to hire Houston janitorial services to come into your office on a routine basis and keep your office spotless. But how do you decide which crew to pick?

Step One: Check the Paperwork

A cleaning crew should be licensed for business, certified by at least one professional organization, and have both insurance and bonding to ensure that they never cost you more money than what your contract states. If you come across a crew without all three of these vital pieces of paperwork, there’s simply walk away.

Step Two: Check the References

Any cleaning crew that’s been in business for more than a month should have at least one customer willing to provide a positive review. Ask the business where you can get in touch with a few previous clients, and get in touch with the contact to receive their opinion about the services, provided by the janitorial company that is in question.

Step Three: Check the Internet

The next step is to go out of your way to look for negative feedback, and one of the best places to do that is on the Internet. People love to express their opinions and experiences with companies and service providers they’ve worked with.

Just remember, there will almost always be one or two people who are never satisfied with services that they’ve been provided with, but if you see several bad reviews, take it as a sign that it may be best to stay away from such a service provider.

If you find a crew that has solid paperwork, good references, and very few (if any) complaints, you’ve found a solid candidate.  We here at ServiceMaster Advantage are confident that we are the candidate for you, as we meet all of these criteria and have a solid track record of providing high quality Houston janitorial services throughout the Houston area and several surrounding locations.