Storm DamageMan shoveling snow

When a snowstorm strikes your neighborhood, there will always be issues that you need to deal with after the snow melts. Besides keeping you stuck at home and preventing travel, snow can cause damage to your house and could lead to costly water damage. Keep yourself safe and warm during (and after) winter storms with these tips from our restoration staff.

Clear the Snow

Once the storm ends, grab the proper tools to clear the snow on your roof, vehicles, driveway, and garden. The sooner the better, as fresh snow is soft which makes it easy to shovel and clear out. Don’t forget to wear protective winter gear outside to keep yourself safe from the cold.

Think About Your Roof

Be on the lookout for ice dam formation on your roof. They can lead to leaks and cause serious water damage in your home. Take the time to clear off your house’s roof completely or hire professionals to help you clear it.

Additionally, you should clean any debris that has accumulated on your roof. The strong winds of winter storms could cause a buildup of junk on your roof. If your roof’s gutters get clogged, they will not be able to drain the snowmelt – leading to water leaking into your home causing damage.

Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

It’s vital to check whether your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working. This is more important if you lose power due to a storm, as you will need to heat your house through a generator, space heater, or fireplace.

Check the batteries of these gadgets and change them if they are not working.

Avoid Driving

Even if the storm has passed, it doesn’t mean that you can drive right away. Check your local news to check if the road crews have had time to clear the roads. Make sure to drive slowly to avoid accidents. Watch for black ice while driving or walking towards the car.

Look for Damage

If the storm was exceptionally strong and deadly, it could have caused damage to your house. It’s vital to check your home’s entire exterior to identify any damage to avoid accidents that could lead to injury.

Start from the roof and go all the way to the garden and ensure there is no risk of falling trees, roof leaks, or gutter issues. If you notice any damage, contact the proper experts to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

Snowstorms may be fun, but they can lead to serious damage. When the storm subsides, you need to take the time to clean and repair your home to minimize storm damage. If you need help and require water damage restoration, ServiceMaster Advantage is ready to help you.