CleaningMan cutting turkey with knife
The guests are coming… Is your home ready?
ServiceMaster Advantage wants to ensure that your home is clean and shining when your guests arrive for the holidays. Before you put the turkey in the oven and mash those potatoes, check out our tips to remove those tough stains and make your living area look like new:
  1. DIY carpet stain removers: If you don’t have time to call ServiceMaster Advantage to clean your carpets before guests arrive, no problem. From vinegar to shaving cream, there are many items in your home that can help you remove tough stains. Click here for a full list of homemade carpet stain removers (They really work!).
  2. Home-remedy hardwood, tile & vinyl cleaners: Cleaning ceramic-tile flooring with just warm water, buffing hardwood floors with teabags, filling scratches with crayons, and so much more. Click here to learn how to make your hard-surface flooring in your home shine.
  3. Remove pet hair from furniture: Don’t have a lint brush to pick up what Fido left all over the couch? Have no fear! If you have duct tape or masking tape, just wrap it around your hand – now you have a homemade lint roller to clean your hair-ridden furniture.
  4. Comfy, clean bedding: Be sure you vacuum and spray guests’ mattresses with air freshener and anti-bacterial cleaning product. Additionally, blankets, comforters and pillows should be washed at least four times per year. Most pillows can be washed in the washing machine, but check the label just in case.
We all know that there is no place like home for the holidays, and ServiceMaster Advantage is ready to help you make your home feel cozy and clean. Once you follow these tips, you’re ready to go cook that turkey! If you live in the Houston metroplex, call today: 281-332-3900.