houston janitorial servicesNobody likes coming to a workspace that always seems cluttered or neglected. As an unclean office can lead to several types of problems such as negatively affecting employee morale to an increased use of employee sick days, or portraying a poor business image to guests and visiting clients.

If you need Houston janitorial services for your office in the area, it is recommended to contact with a Houston janitorial service such as ServiceMaster Advantage to ensure that your office will be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis, up to your standards.

However, much like with any Houston janitorial service, many of them only work during evenings or early mornings to avoid interfering with your daily operating hours. To keep your office in the best shape possible, we’ve provided some tips you can implement throughout your office to keep your office space neat and tidy.

1. Make cleaning an office-wide habit: It is important to communicate to your employees that office upkeep is not just the responsibility of the janitorial crew you’ve contracted with, but It is the job of every employee to make sure the area around their desk is kept clean and free of leftover food and other waste and ensure that any disposable waste is tossed into a trash bin. Employees should also be reminded regularly to pick up after themselves in the break room while eating lunch or having snacks.

2. Use proper cleaning supplies:A lot of basic cleaning involves nothing more than common sense. Make sure that your employees are using the appropriate items to clean up messes. This means if cleaning up a coffee spill in the break room to use a paper towel and a general disinfectant or using a broom to pick up crumbs.

3. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem:Some people have a habit of creating messes and not cleaning them up. These are the folks we often refer to as part of the ‘problem’, rather than the solution. Make an office wide policy to eliminate these habits and ensure that everyone is held responsible to cleanup after themselves and dispose of any trash they create. Even if a janitorial crew is present, they have plenty of tasks to fulfill by the end of their shift, so be considerate and responsible, and handle your own mess as best as you can.

If you employ some office-wide responsibility to keep your work environment clean and partner with a well-qualified Houston janitorial services provider, you give your office the best chance it has to maintain a clean and tidy work environment.