Sewage BackupManhole covers

A sewage backup can fill your home or business with dangerously dirty water that can harbor harmful bacteria, waste, and possibly even hazardous chemicals. Water damage as a result of a sewage backup or overflow is considered black water. Black water is the most dangerous of all flood waters as it contains human or animal waste as well as unknown pathogens and bacteria. Black water can make you very ill and in some cases, even cause death. This is why it is so crucial to call the professionals at ServiceMaster Advantage in the greater Houston area when you experience a sewage backup or water damage issue that contains black water.

Sewage Cleanup is NOT a DIY Project

You may think you know how to clean up sewage waters while protecting yourself, but it’s not just how icky the water is that’s the problem. There are considerable health risks involved including biohazardous materials and exposure to dangerous bacteria. Our technicians will arrive on site promptly to begin the cleanup process immediately as well as wear the correct protective gear in doing so. We’ll remove the water and the associated sewage using special commercial-grade equipment. This equipment can safely pump the toxic water off your property. Then, our crew will safely remove any and all contaminated items, including furniture and wall-to-wall carpeting. It is too great a health hazard to continue to hold onto anything affected by sewage waters. As professionals, we know what is salvageable and what is not to protect you from exposure to harmful biohazards.

It’s Also About Water Damage

You will not only need professional-grade water pumps to get the water and sewage out, you will need professional air movers to dry out the affected area and provide the ventilation needed to get rid of odors and airborne particles. Not to mention the potential varying species of mold that can grow! Because we’re also a full-service water damage restoration and mitigation company, we’re prepared to do all services needed when you have a sewage backup.

Proper Sanitization

No sewage backup cleaning job would be complete without proper sanitization practices. It is imperative to prevent the spread of microbes that can make you, your family, your staff, or your pets sick. We use the right cleaning solutions and techniques required to get into every crack and crevice that the sewage got into. We’ll leave your home or business fully sanitized so that it is safe to occupy.

At ServiceMaster Advantage in the greater Houston area, we care about our community and want to ensure that anyone that suffers from a sewage backup or other water damage disaster in our part of the world can get the help they need. We’re available 24/7 for all emergency water damage disasters, including those involving sewage or other harmful floodwaters.