Major fire or smoke damage can come from even a small stove fire. The sooner you take action, the more successful the fire damage cleanup will be. Whether the affected building is your home or business, experiencing fire or smoke damage can be devastating. At ServiceMaster Advantage, we are here to help. Our highly trained, certified, professional staff of fire damage restoration experts is one call away for a complete restoration of your Texas City property.

Smoke Damage
Permanent damage occurs when certain materials in your home come into contact with heat and the chemicals in soot. The longer the soot lingers, the more chemical reactions occur, which means more damage and more expensive cleanup. With the most effective processes and tools for soot and smoke cleanup, you can count on ServiceMaster Advantage for a complete cleaning of affected spaces in your Texas City home or business.

Secondary Damage
Putting out the fire can cause a different kind of damage — damage that will need to be cleaned up as well. For a small fire, using a fire extinguisher is often the best method to put out the fire, preventing more widespread damage and protecting the building’s occupants and neighbors. The chemicals expelled by a fire extinguisher, however, are quite harsh; they can cause damage to various surfaces, especially metals, if not cleaned up swiftly and using proper methods. Larger fires often require the help of the fire department, and the water used can create other damages that must be addressed as well. As a full service disaster restoration provider for Texas City, ServiceMaster Advantage is equipped to handle all of your restoration and cleanup needs.

We provide the following services:

  • Soot and smoke cleaning
  • Odor removal
  • Restoration of contents and belongings
  • Direct insurance billing
  • Partner with ALL insurance companies