Summer storms can result in a fire as they disrupt power. If you have a fire in your Houston home, the first step is to call 911. If it is a very small fire, you may be able to put it out with a fire extinguisher, but do not place yourself at risk.

If the fire department is called in or your sprinkler system is triggered, you will face Houston water damage in addition to the fire & smoke damage.

Carefully assess the damage. Never step in standing water and be alert for anything out of place, like the smell of gas or smoke.

Shut off electricity if your home has been damaged and you can safely reach the breaker box.

Clear any flooded areas. Remove all furniture from any flooded area and provide good ventilation.

Storm damage is hard to handle on your own. Even something that seems minor can get a lot worse if not handled quickly and handled right.

Every minute counts. The faster you get help on the way, the easier it is to clean and restore. This is especially true for floods or water damage.