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Summer is finally here. It’s time to host more outdoor activities with friends, cook some delicious meals in your outdoor kitchen, and have a s’mores night! While enjoying the season to its fullest, we often forget to keep up with the maintenance. It’s imperative to maintain your home throughout the year, but you must pay great attention during the summer months to avoid property damage.

The moisture and snowmelt from winter may have damaged your home’s exterior, blocked the gutters, or left the home’s pipes on the verge of leaks. We’ve prepared a list of summer home maintenance tips below to help you prevent water damage and fire damage:

Inspect Your Plumbing System

The first step to take when trying to avoid water and fire damage, you need to start with inspecting your plumbing system. Pipes contract during winter causing the water in the pipes expands due to temperature changes. This causes a pressure change in the pipes, leading to leaks and broken pipes. Avoid costly repairs and replacements by inspecting pipes, fixtures, and the entire plumbing system. This could be challenging for you to tackle alone, so it’s best to hire experts. They know how to inspect the system and have cost-effective techniques to fix them.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Pollen, leaves, twigs, nests, and debris can clog your gutters during winter. This debris can reach the downspouts and clog them too. Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause rainwater to collect on the roof. This results in leaks and the roof overflowing, causing great water damage. Prevent the damage before it happens by unclogging your downspouts and gutters during the summers.

Clean Your AC Filters

It’s likely that you’ll use the air conditioner during the summer months. Since you haven’t used it for the last several months, the AC unit has likely collected plenty of dust and debris. This dust can impact the system’s efficiency. Your air conditioner will need more energy if it’s not clean, which leads to higher electricity bills. To avoid these problems, you need to hire experts who can clean your AC filters. They will also inspect your system and look for potential repairs to ensure that it works efficiently.

Exterior Repairs

Windows can damage your exterior color, ruin your garden, or damage the pipes outside your house. By inspecting your exterior, you can fix these problems before they worsen. Start inspecting your roof, check the outside wall of your house, look for dams in the garden and yard, and inspect your garage.

If you identify any water damage or fire damage this summer, contact the team at ServiceMaster Advantage. We can help repair the property damage and guide you to avoid these problems in the future.