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As summer approaches, it’s important to look ahead at potential safety hazards of the season. Some of the best summertime memories are made with barbecues and campfires in Houston, Texas. These activities are a great way to get outside and enjoy the longer days and warm sun. However, they create a fire safety hazard. That doesn’t mean you need to give them up completely. Before you break out your grill, check out these summer fire safety tips!

Grilling Safety:

There’s nothing better than soaking up the sun with some tasty food on your plate. It’s a popular way to cook in the summer for good reasons. It keeps your home from heating up by using the stove or oven and allows you to enjoy nature. Just like any other type of cooking, it’s important to follow best practices.

All Grills

  • Always grill outside, 10 feet away from your home. Grills give off carbon monoxide. Even small grills are dangerous to operate indoors.
  • Never walk away from your grill when in use.
  • Grill outside away from any overhang on a flat, non-flammable surface.
  • Keep pets and children at least three feet away from your grill.
  • Maintain your grill before and after use. Scrape down the grate, remove leftover grease from trays and wipe down the outside of your grill.

Gas Grills

  • Before the first use of the season, reconnect gas tank and check gas levels.
  • Complete a quick gas leak test by brushing a soapy solution onto your gas line and valve. If you see bubbles after you turn on your gas, you have a leak.
  • Repair gas leaks before use.

Charcoal Grills

  • When using a charcoal grill, handle fire starters carefully. Don’t use starter fluid over a burning fire.
  • Allow ashes to cool completely before moving.
  • Once ashes have cooled, dispose of them in a non-flammable container away from your home.

Campfire Safety:

Campfires are synonymous with smores, ghost stories and star gazing. It’s one of the perks of spending time outdoors. However, campfires can get out of hand easily. The following tips will help you enjoy your next camping trip without sacrificing safety.

  • Check weather conditions before starting a campfire. Avoid burning on dry, windy days or when campfires aren’t permitted by your local fire department.
  • Never let children or pets get too close to the fire.
  • Always watch a burning fire. Even small sparks can burn out of control in a short amount of time.
  • Keep a bucket of water or shovel and dirt nearby to put out the fire if needed.
  • Make sure campfires are 25 feet away from any structure or flammable material.

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