pearland carpet cleaningSqueegees Work Quickly on Windows

To get your windows sparkling and clean for Spring, start with a simple bucket of soapy water. Wipe your windows down with a sponge full of the suds, and then promptly hit it up with a squeegee to get the wet off. This instantly cleans and clears windows without the need for special sprays or even a terrible amount of elbow grease.  When you’re in need of professional window cleaning, rely on Pasadena janitorial cleaning services by ServiceMaster Advantage to get the job done.

Microfiber Is a Duster’s Friend

Dusting with a spray and a rag is old school, and it doesn’t work nearly as well as a soft microfiber cloth. Everything from your dressers to your light bulbs deserves a good once-over during Spring Cleaning, and a microfiber duster on a telescoping handle is a great way to get it done efficiently.

Replace Your Bedding

After a winter spent mostly indoors with everything closed up, your bed can really get to be a hive of dust mites and worse.  A new mattress isn’t necessary every year, but new pillows, sheets, and bed liners are a great way to freshen up the bedroom in celebration of the new life outdoors.

Rotate Your Fan 

You should have your ceiling fans set to turn clockwise during the winter, sucking air upward from below and shifting the warmer air near the ceiling down around the walls of the room.  Come spring, however, change the fans from suck to blow — there’s usually a switch somewhere on the base of the fan that lets you do this.  A blowing fan will provide a pleasant breeze for the warm months ahead.

Clean the Fridge

You should be cleaning out the inside of your fridge on a monthly basis; during spring-cleaning, you should clean the outside of the fridge as well. Arrange anything around or on top of the fridge to allow for plenty of airflow, wipe down the outside surfaces, and most importantly, take that microfiber duster to the coils of the refrigerator. That prevents a buildup that can cause your fridge to overheat and cause unwanted odors.

Steaming Out

Finally, rent a steamer (if you don’t own one), and take it to task on the cloth furniture, the rugs, the carpets, and the curtains. Nothing will freshen up a home like a thorough steam cleaning, especially if you dose the cleaner with a few drops of orange or rosemary essential oil for a fresh, revitalizing scent.

Try these Spring Cleaning tips for a clean and healthy home.  When you’re in need of professional cleaning services for your home of office, rely on the Pasadena janitorial service experts, ServiceMaster Advantage.