A bedroom in a home with smoke damage Fire damage and smoke damage are often linked. Smoke damage is unavoidable when structures are consumed in a fire. Rely on your local experts at ServiceMaster Advantage for smoke damage restoration in Harris, Montgomery and Galveston Counties.

During a fire, the flames actually don’t produce the majority of the damage. Smoke is actually a lot more damaging than you might think. Smoke can etch glass, discolor walls and tarnish metal only after a short time. Our team has the experience and equipment to remove all smoke residue without causing additional damage.

Your home or office will receive a complete restoration from floor to ceiling. Treatment includes smoke and odor removal, complete sanitization and deodorization, as well as an air vent and duct cleaning. The contents of your home or office will be packed out and thoroughly cleaned with care.

We believe in taking the time to communicate with our clients and protect your most valuable possessions. Our smoke damage experts can treat the salvageable content of your home or office and restore your property. You can count on our TEAM to provide not only expert restoration and cleaning services but to also keep you informed throughout the smoke damage restoration process.

ServiceMaster Advantage offers the following smoke damage services: Clean ash residue

  1. Packout and content storage
  2. Remove soot residue from at-risk items like carpets, marble, tile, brass and chrome
  3. Air duct cleaning
  4. Neutralize odors
  5. Deodorize carpets and curtains
  6. Clean and break up smoke molecules in clothing

ServiceMaster Advantage will thoroughly clean your property removing soot residue, ash residue and neutralize odors. Contact us when you experience a fire. The sooner you call the more smoke damage we can prevent.