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Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time. As a disaster restoration business, we’re more than familiar with the devastating effects a natural or man-made disaster can cause. September is National Preparedness Month and as such is a great reminder to make a family communication plan and check up on your resources in case of disaster.  You are not helpless in the case of an emergency and with just a few simple steps you can know your risk and act in accordance with the best safety measures.  Be aware of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s recommended guidelines during floods, fire, hurricanes, or natural disasters:

Know the Risks

  • Sign up for Wireless Emergency Alerts, messages you receive on your mobile device during an emergency.
  • Be aware of all the possible natural disasters that generally happen in your area, and check local news media for alerts and warnings.
  • Be prepared to adapt to new information that comes in and how it applies to your personal circumstances.

Act with Intention

  • Prepare a disaster supply kit. A good plan allows for you and your family to go for at least three consecutive days without electricity, water service, or access to a supermarket and other local services.
  • Have important documents stored in a safe place. Critical documents can include birth certificates, mortgage or lease agreements, vehicle documents, tax statements, passports or driver’s licenses, and more.
  • Have a https://www.ready.gov/, you can minimize the scramble and be prepared.  For more information on how to prepare or recover your home or business from floods and fires, contact us! We at ServiceMaster Advantage are here to help the greater Houston, Texas area residents with all disaster restoration services.