Water DamageCracked ceiling

Concrete surfaces have underlying properties that make drying them after excessive exposure to moisture more complex than other materials. A slab of concrete in your basement for example, may appear dry but actually contain a considerable and damaging amount of moisture vapor throughout its layers. This moisture passing through the slab can carry alkaline salts from the ground or concrete itself, causing further damage. Wet concrete can destroy new floor coverings that you install post water damage due to this underlying condensation.

If water or water vapor rise out of a concrete slab, this can cause newly installed flooring to lose adhesion, warp, or peel. Certain continuous flooring materials can also develop air bubbles or separated seams. Not to mention the possibility of mold growth. Due to the subverted nature of water damage on concrete, it’s very important to call a professional water damage restoration company to properly dry all surfaces and materials in the home. ServiceMaster Advantage in Houston has the proper equipment in order to effectively and efficiently remove water damage completely from concrete and other floor surfaces. Our state-of-the-art equipment can:

  • Remove trapped moisture within the cement
  • Evaporate excessive moisture through containment chambers
  • Determine proper humidity levels to ensure the drying process
  • Use high-velocity air movers for additional drying

If you’ve experienced significant water damage on your property in Houston, call ServiceMaster Advantage today. We have the knowledge and the techniques required to repair any water damage job – large or small.