Fire & Smoke DamageFire fighters van sprinkling water on building to end the fire

An office fire in Houston can set back your business and require you to replace some of your office furniture. Dealing with the recovery and restoration process after a fire can be frustrating and time consuming. When it comes to fire and smoke damage, sometimes there are issues you can’t see on the surface. Soot can compound its corrosive properties when mixed with the oils from your fingertips, so it’s not advisable to touch anything that has been affected by the fire. Before your turn your computers and other electronics back on, you’ll want to inspect them for fire and smoke related damages. When you properly assess the state of your electronics, you’ll know whether or not they’re safe to use again. The same goes for furniture, fabrics, upholstery, and the carpets. A professional should always be present after a fire has been put out so that you can ensure your property and possessions can be returned to pre-loss condition.


Common office electronics like computers, copiers, fax machines, and other devices can be heavily affected by fire and smoke. The electrical components insides these machines can possibly short circuit when exposed to the corrosive properties of soot, creating an entirely new fire hazard. Electronics are often housed within plastic or metal coverings, both of which are heavily influenced by the high temperatures of a fire. Plastic melts and releases toxic fumes into the air and certain metals can also release harmful chemicals. Powering damaged equipment back on can reheat components affected by the fire, putting those around the machine at risk of inhaling toxic fumes. Though you may not be able to see the internal damages of your electronic equipment, it could still be there. Always have a fire damage professional assess damages accrued after a fire.


Decide which items are possibly salvageable and those that have been charred beyond recognition. Throw away any furniture or items that are not worth restoring, and then have the restoration experts at ServiceMaster Advantage take a look at the remaining items. Our technicians have the proper training and leading industry techniques to restore commercial fabrics and carpeting or wooden and upholstered furniture. The items deemed salvageable will be inventoried and then stored in a temperature-controlled facility and restored. They will then be returned to you.

Proper Restoration Requires Proper Methods

A professional restoration team like the people at ServiceMaster Advantage, will take a thorough inventory of all furniture and electronics affected by the fire. Certified experts will open and inspect your electronics to look for soot and smoke damage, corrosion, and possibly compromised circuitry. If we deem your electronics or other furniture completely unusable, you’ll want to include them on your insurance claim in order to get a replacement.

Any items we do take in for restoration will be fully tested for safety before being returned to you. You will feel safe in knowing that your electronics should be able to operate to their full capacity.

We know that as a business owner in the greater Houston, Texas area, the last thing you want to deal with is the aftermath of a fire. We’re here to help. Call ServiceMaster Advantage for all of your smoke and fire damage needs in Houston.