Floor CleaningCleaning carpet with vaccum cleaner

Mud and moisture are abundant in the winter months. This can take a large toll on your flooring. Not only can carpets be stained, they can develop mold if tracked in moisture is not properly removed. Upholstery is under strain from holiday guests and spills. Tile is more durable than other floor types, but grout is easily stained or damaged. Prevent as much winter floor damage as possible by paying close attention to your floor maintenance.


Pre-Treat Stains

Treat stains as soon as they happen. Start by removing excess debris from the affected area. Then spray on a stain remover and let sit. After the stain remover has had a chance to saturate the spill, blot up gently.

Prevent Mold

Ensure your carpets have a chance to dry completely after it comes into contact with moisture. This can be more difficult when temperatures are low and guests are tracking in moisture often. Place doormats on the outside of every entrance to help lower the amount of moisture being tracked in.


Keep supplies on hand that will help you care for your carpets properly. The key to keeping your carpets looking brand new is to remove moisture, dirt and debris as fast as possible. A lint free rag to blot up spills, a gentle stain remover and a carpet brush can go a long way.

Vacuum Slowly & Often

Vacuum slowly over high traffic areas in your home. Give your vacuum time to remove deep set dirt and debris.


Prevent Fading

Make sure your fabric furniture and throw rugs don’t fade. Do this by closing curtains or moving furniture away from the sun.

Prevent Stains

Treat your fabric furniture with a stain protector at the time of purchase. It will help you wipe up spills easier when they occur.

Fluff and Flip

Fluff and flip cushions to help your fabric furniture wear evenly. Doing this before and after upcoming holiday parties will not only impress your guests but prevent damage due to heavy usage.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Clean Grout Stains

Tile is one of the most durable floor types out there. However, grout is easily stained. Mix a bleach solution and find an old toothbrush to keep grout looking white. After you bleach your grout, rinse off solution and let dry.

Seal Grout

Once your grout is looking white and bright, apply sealant. A layer of sealant over your grout will prevent stains in the future. You can buy grout sealant at any home improvement store.

Protect High Traffic Areas

Use protective mats under your furniture and place durable throw rugs in high traffic areas. This will prevent scratching and contain tracked in dirt and debris.

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