Mold RemediationAir purify in the lounge

Mold is bad for your health. Whether you can visibly see it or its spores are just hanging around in the air, it can result in respiratory issues and even cause illness. You may know that excess moisture is the primary cause of mold growth (the spores need something to drink!), but part of what causes excess moisture in the first place is a lack of air circulation. Airflow and moisture work together to fight mold growth and improve the air quality of your home or business. Try the following to improve air circulation and therefore air quality at your home or business:

Regularly Keep the Windows Open

Keeping your windows open when weather permits is the easiest way to improve air circulation in your home or business. Opening up windows and doors across the room from one another creates cross-ventilation and is the most effective way to make sure air continues to flow throughout a room. If there isn’t much breeze, position a fan in or nearby the window facing the room so it pulls air in from outside.

Add Fans

Adding more fans to your space always helps with air circulation. Using ceiling fans, bathroom fans, attic fans, and kitchen exhaust fans when appropriate will keep air moving. Bathrooms are probably the most important place to ensure there is a fan since they are the most susceptible to mold. Bathroom fans vent humid air outside and bring in fresh air to dry it out. Attics are another space susceptible to mold. The relative warmth of the attic compared to other parts of the home and the stale air is a great place for mold to grow. You can install a whole-house fan in your attic floor to draw hot and stale air up through the entire house. This would require you to open some windows and doors when you use it. Also, consider using the “fan only” option of your HVAC system. This could also improve air flow.

Consider a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers reduce moisture in the air. This is an effective way to prevent mold. They dry out the air as well as help to circulate it. Use it to target specific areas in the home such as the basement, attic, or bathroom where mold tends to be the biggest problem.

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