Mold growth near a window inside of a home Mold spores are everywhere and unavoidable, very much like dust and pollen, and given the right conditions, an infestation can develop with very little effort. Mold only needs certain conditions to be met in order to grow and they are an area with high humidity and moisture, a dark environment, and a food source. In many cases of a mold infestation, either in a residential or commercial setting, the cause is generally due to some form of water damage or a leak either behind a wall, under the flooring, or in the ceiling.

In order to effectively eliminate mold, it must be removed in a proper fashion. Simply wiping away a mold growth with an all-purpose cleaner will not work, which will simply agitate the growth causing it to release its spores into the air, which can generate new growths in other areas. Mold is dangerous because it will not only just damage structures, but it can also create several adverse health effects. With prolonged exposure to mold and the spores, it will endanger the health of children, adults, the elderly, and pets causing complications such as breathing difficulties, severe allergic reactions, and even illnesses.

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