houston storm damageLocated near the Gulf Coast, Houston is often under the threat of severe storms and hurricanes. When northern cold fronts meet the moisture-laden Gulf coast weather systems, hurricanes are created – and they hit hard. Houston is the largest urban area in the United States that needs to be prepared for hurricanes.

Hurricanes are often accompanied by heavy rains, which allow for additional Houston water damage. The Houston landscape is flat, making flooding a recurring problem. Flooding in Houston is not limited to the arrival of hurricanes, and it can create problems for residents from heavy downpours or water pipeline damage.

Because of the unique area conditions, residents and businesses need to be prepared for Houston water and storm damage. For business owners in Houston, you cannot wait for the threat to arrive. You should be ready with an emergency plan and a list of businesses that specialize in Houston commercial disaster restoration services and commercial cleaning. A hurricane will never ask you before hitting your home, so it’s important to be prepared for one to strike if you live in a hurricane zone.

Don’t wait until after a disaster strikes to do research on water damage professionals in your area. Make sure that you find a reliable provider of Houston commercial disaster restoration service provider that is insured, licensed and bonded. Find a company that has well-trained staff and is prepared with the latest restoration training and equipment.

After the inspection of your facility, they must be able to build out a plan of action and implement it. The plan should include the extraction of water and the safe storage of items that have escaped damage. Other steps involved are drying floors and walls, carpet cleaning, furniture restoration, sanitization of contaminated areas, and deodorization of the affected property. It is essential that these tasks be done precisely and quickly.

It may help to shortlist a few companies after comparing their services and request references from their clients. A reliable company will never hesitate to provide you with a list of their clients. You can verify with the references the company’s credentials to find out their capacity to deal with water damage. You should also talk to the company regarding the training of their staff and the tools they use to perform the job. Thorough research will help you find the right company.

Be sure to choose a Houston commercial disaster restoration service provider with knowledge and experience in treating hurricane damage.  Whether you are looking for a Houston commercial disaster restoration service provider to treat your office, building or home, ServiceMaster Advantage works quickly to stop and restore your property from storm and water damage. Be prepared to deal with disaster rather than waiting until after it strikes.