A garage in Katy TX that has fire damageAct now to halt Katy fire damage in its tracks. After a fire, the worst damage is often not from the fire itself—it comes from the smoke and the water used to put out the fire. Over time, soot reacts with the materials it touches, causing irreversible damage. Water damage also worsens is the materials stay damp, and a mold infestation can develop. When facing Katy fire damage, it is important to call in the Katy fire restoration and smoke damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Advantage immediately to minimize damage and make a full recovery.

Our team of experts knows how to handle even tough Katy smoke damage restoration. They are highly trained to understand different materials and the appropriate treatments to clean and restore a variety of surfaces after fire damage Katy.

For the best fire and smoke damage restoration service Katy, Texas, call ServiceMaster Advantage today.

Our service includes:
• 24/7 emergency response
• Top-of-the-line technology and techniques
• Clear communication from start to finish
• Direct communication with insurance for hassle-free claims

We have performed thousands of fire and smoke damage restorations in Katy, Texas and throughout the Houston area. You know your fire damage repairs are in good hands with ServiceMaster Advantage. Call now!