houston storm damageWhen a hurricane finishes sweeping through your city, as difficult as it may be to process the damage that has just been dealt to your home and belongings, you have some serious responsibilities that you must fulfill. Dealing with Houston storm & hurricane damage isn’t an easy task, but it’s a vital one. Below are some important items to note when facing severe storm damages.

Put Out Fires

That phrase is often thrown about, but we’re talking literally. A surprising number of homes burn immediately after a hurricane. Electrical fires are commonplace. So the first thing to do once the wind dies down is make sure nothing in your home is on fire — and if it is, put it out!

Document Everything

The next and arguably most important thing to do is to document everything that the hurricane has affected. Pen and paper are acceptable if you’re willing to sit down and make a huge list, but pictures are better, and video is best. A slow, thorough walkthrough of the damaged area, capturing recorded proof of everything that was destroyed, is something an insurance company will have a hard time arguing with.

Re-Weatherize the Roof and Walls

The third thing you should do is find a way to prevent water from getting into the structure of your home. This most often involves purchasing a massive tarp and essentially covering a significant portion of your home with it. If you fail to properly keep the water out, you risk everything from rotting structural supports to a massive mold bloom inside your roof or walls, so make sure you properly prevent water breaching into your home.

Call a Professional Clean-Up Crew

Dealing with Houston storm damage can be quite a task to deal with, especially when it comes to hurricanes. There are structural dangers like collapsing roofs and live electrical wires, as well as the emotional trauma you inflict on yourself cleaning up the shattered remnants of some of your most valuable belongings. It’s universally better to have someone well versed in the science of hurricane cleanup come in and do the job for you. When you need to get your home or office fully restored, trust the Houston storm damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Advantage. We’ll repair and restore your property back to its rightful condition.