the woodlands carpet cleaningFor any commercial or residential property with carpeting, stains are essentially unavoidable. That is why ServiceMaster Advantage, the Houston carpet cleaning specialists, would like to share advice on how you can lift and remove a majority of stains using a few simple procedures.

But whenever a stain does occur, be aware that you have the best chance to completely remove a stain as soon as a spill happens. The earlier you are able to treat a stain, the better the chances you have to remove oils and prevent the stain from settling. Below are some simple Houston carpet cleaning steps for you to use:

  1. Confirm that you are using the proper cleaning agent for the appropriate surface type. For instance, you do not want to be using window cleaner on carpeting.
  2. For liquid stains, begin to absorb as much of the liquid as possible using cloths, mops, or towels.
  3. For dried stains, using a dull knife or tool, gently scrape and loosen dried specks stuck on your carpeting. Afterwards, use a vacuum to collect all the pieces that became loose.
  4. To avoid bleeding or product runoff caused by excessive liquid saturation, dampen your cloth first with your cleaning agent to blot the area instead of pouring your cleaning agent directly to the stain.
  5. When dabbing stains with cleaning agents, remember to work outside in. Blot from the outside edges of the stain, while working towards the middle.
  6. When cleaning any stain, remember to always use a clean section of the cloth.
  7. For any stain, repeat the cleaning and blotting process as many times as necessary until you are no longer able to transfer a stain spot to your cloth or towel.
  8. Once the stain has been or is nearly removed, flush the area with water and blot the area dry. Do this as many times as you wish in attempt to lift the last remaining bits of the stain and to remove any leftover chemical residue from your cleaning products.

But when your carpets are littered with stains or begins to look a bit grim, you should consider professional assistance. For professional Houston carpet cleaning services, you can trust ServiceMaster Advantage. We’re your local experts who want nothing else than to provide top quality results and achieve complete customer satisfaction. With our services, we’ll help restore colors, revitalize your carpeting, and help extend its life.

For more information about ServiceMaster Advantage’s Houston carpet cleaning services, feel free to contact our office today for more information.