Cleaningperson cleaning his flu with tissue

The annual flu season can become a burden to any business. The issue is especially valid for commercial offices that need to be more productive during the holiday season.

The good news is that you can utilize multiple strategies to get your office ready for the flu season. These ideas can work well alongside hiring janitorial services for your property.

Encourage Flu Vaccines in the Office

The first tip for preparing for the flu season is to have everyone in the workplace get vaccinated. The annual flu vaccine protects many people from contracting the flu, as it prevents the spread of the flu virus. Various drugstores and medical facilities can help people get vaccinated, and it may work for free in some cases.

Be advised that not all people are eligible to be vaccinated. These include people with weakened immune systems and those who are too old or young for the vaccine. Encouraging others to get vaccinated to prevent those who cannot do so from becoming ill is critical.

Ask Employees to Stay Home When Ill

You might feel a need for people to come into work a little more than anticipated, but you should allow them to stay home when they are ill. Let someone stay home for a few days if that person is unwell, as you don’t want someone to fall behind and possibly cause others in the office to become ill.

Make It Easier for People to Wash Their Hands

Hand-washing is critical to preventing the spread of the flu. Your office should have enough materials to help facilitate hand-washing throughout the office, including these items:

  • Enough soap for your bathroom spaces
  • Paper towels and other materials for drying
  • Signs around the property reminding people to wash and stay in control
  • Hand sanitizer may also work as a bonus for after someone finishes washing one’s hands

Outsource Janitorial Services

Proper disinfection and cleaning take skill and expertise. It may be time to hire commercial cleaning services to help you regularly clean your facility. The ServiceMaster Advantage janitorial team can assist you with regular deep cleanings and high-filtration vacuuming to clear the flu virus from your property. We can help with the following and more:

  • Cleaning high-touch surfaces with disinfectants
  • Clearing hard surfaces, including counters, desks, and other spots
  • Conducting deep-cleaning efforts on the carpet, upholstery, and other soft surfaces
  • Removing trash and other forms of waste, plus disinfecting all waste receptacles

Stay Up to Date

Our last tip to follow is to keep tabs on what’s happening with the flu. The situation surrounding the flu can change throughout the year. You can use the CDC’s flu reporting website at to see how the flu is spreading. Google also has a flu tracker that provides reports on where the flu is spreading. Using these reports can help you identify possible threats and ensure people understand the risks associated with certain spaces.

ServiceMaster Advantage is your local cleaning disaster restoration expert in Harris, Montgomery, and Galveston Counties. We hope you consider scheduling regular janitorial services. If you’re unsure where to start, we will work with you to customize a cleaning plan for your business. Contact our team to get started. We’re ready to help!