COVID DisinfectionProfessional doing disinfection

It’s challenging to disinfect your entire property by yourself. You might feel that you have killed all the viruses. But it may become the cause of transmitting the virus to your employees or clients. This is why you need to create a plan before re-opening your facility. When doing so, don’t forget to consider the following things. Or you can just ask experts like ServiceMaster Advantage to give you professional disinfection services. First, we will disinfect your faculty. Secondly, we will guide you in the future.

Meanwhile, you need to learn the following things before re-opening your business.

Consider the Location

When you create a plan for disinfecting your facility, it’s important to first think about how each area is utilized.

  • High traffic areas
  • Communal areas
  • High touch points
  • Unique areas: hot tubs, pools, water playground

The professionals at ServiceMaster Advantage can create a custom plan to keep your facility safe. We recommend ongoing services for many businesses but can provide emergency services should your business be exposed to COVID-19.

Custom Cleaning & Disinfection Is A Must

It’s currently understood that COVID-19 only survives for a certain period of time. If your facility has been vacant for any period of time, you may not need full disinfection services. We’ll discuss what plan is best for your situation.

However, there are health problems other than the COVID-19 that need your focus when re-opening any public building or place. For instance, plenty of dust in any property can lead to allergies or lung problems. Make sure that you have checked the building water system. There are a few more aspects to consider before re-opening your space that we, ServiceMaster Advantage, can help you figure out.

Professional Disinfection Services

Confused about where to start? Well, you don’t need to. At ServiceMaster Advantage, we offer professional disinfection services to secure your property from top to bottom. We find the best way to make your office, school, business clean and healthy. We’re here for you during these difficult times and maintain our promise to create a clean and safe environment.