houston storm damage recoveryThere are few places in the world that deals with storms like the ones that barrage Houston and the Texas gulf cost. Houston residential and commercial disaster restoration is a well needed service and before a storm ever reaches your city, you should always be prepared and have a plan ready.

Preparing For a Big Storm

Five quick things:

  1. Fill up a few emergency gas cans to fuel cars or appliances
  2. Make sure your roof is leak-free. If there is a leak, heavy rainfall can soak your insulation causing your roof to collapse
  3. Keep your trees lean and trim. Avoid having branches fly or crash into your home
  4. Keep your flashlight batteries fresh and plenty of backup batteries on hand.
  5. Have a generator and keep enough fuel to keep your fridge and freezer (at minimum) going for a week.

After The Storm

Document and take photos of everything that has been damaged, and if possible save or find the receipts. Then contact your insurance provider to send an agent to come and assess the damages and be ready to present your list of damages and photos whenever the agent arrives. After contacting your insurance agency, begin searching for a disaster restoration company to provide the repairs you require for your property.

Many Houston commercial disaster restoration crews will go to work the moment they can verify with your insurance company that you’re covered, so as soon as your notes are taken, call a Houston storm damage repair crew and ask them for assistance. They’ll get in touch with your insurance, get verification, and be off to your location to provide our services.

ServiceMaster Advantage specializes in Houston residential and commercial disaster restoration, specifically for fire, water, and storm damages. When we serve you, we want nothing less than to have your property fully restored and in complete working order.