Houston fire damage restorationExperiencing a fire can be quite traumatic.  ServiceMaster Advantage Restoration & Cleaning professionals have been helping customers restore fire damage property in Houston for over 25 years.  We specialize in Houston residential and commercial disaster restoration services for fire and smoke damage.  We would like to share some tips for your fire damage cleanup.

Understand the extent of the damage.

Fires are a destructive force can consumes and destroys anything it comes into contact with. So understand that when a fire does breakout within your property, damages and losses are very likely to occur. When you experience losses, do not waste time trying to recover items beyond repair, instead focus on the valuables that are unharmed or partially damaged, as these items can still be recovered and restored back a proper state.

Ventilating the property.

The first step in restoring Houston fire damage is to begin airing out the property as soon as possible to reduce smoke, dust and odors. If you’re waiting for the experts to arrive to begin the restoration process, you can help jumpstart the process by opening all doors and windows, and if safe to use, utilize fans to assist the air circulation process.

Vacuuming soot.

Cleaning soot from fabrics and upholstery can be an extremely difficult task, as soot can easily become absorbed into materials, leaving behind heavy odors and stains. To remove soot, hover a vacuum hose over your materials to pick up the majority of loose soot and wait for the experts to arrive to handle the cleaning and restoration of soot-covered items.

Reduce smoke odors.

After experiencing Houston fire damages, smoke and soot can often be absorbed into painted surfaces and materials emitting long-lasting musky odors. If you notice that your walls, ceilings or cabinets release smoky odors, consider stripping the paint or varnish and applying a new layer. This can greatly reduce smoke odors and possible remove them all together.

To restore your property from Houston fire damage, contact the local disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster Advantage. Our team of experts have all the experience and techniques required to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. Contact our office today to learn additional details about our Houston residential and commercial disaster restoration services today.