What Is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning services are composed of cleaning products, systems, services, and equipment developed to improve occupant health and performance while minimizing the impact on the environment. Not all green cleaning services and products are independently audited and certified green. However, ServiceMaster Clean Green For™ products are certified by four of the leading auditors: Envirodesic™, Environmental Choice, Green Seal, and Eco-label. So, you know you’re getting the highest quality, safest Houston green cleaning services available!

Green Cleaning Made Easy

Switching your business to green cleaning services is as easy as making a phone call, and the actual changes in cleaning services and products will be integrated seamlessly into your existing cleaning and maintenance plan. Cleaning results are equal to traditional cleaning, but ServiceMaster Clean® green cleaning products are healthier for employees and feature a higher rate of biodegradation for reduced impact on our environment.

Green For™ Products

ServiceMaster Clean® detergent-free cleaning uses only ingredients listed by the FDA as safe for consumption and products that are free of surfactants or wetting agents. Ideal for individuals with asthma, chemical, and allergic sensitivities, our green cleaning products contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or ingredients that are considered corrosive, alkaline, or acidic. ServiceMaster Clean green cleaning services are a highly efficient and effective cleaning solution that is built around these advanced, innovative products.

Better Employee Health

Learn how green cleaning can reduce employee sick days and help with employee morale and retention. Contact ServiceMaster Advantage to find out more!

LEED® Certification

Learn about LEED® certification and how to easily earn LEED® points by switching to green cleaning.