Mold growth begins almost immediately after water damage, and it grows rapidly if left unchecked. Mold can also develop if there is too much moisture in your home, such as if the heater is turned off while you are on vacation. Take action right away if you suspect you might have mold in your home.

Protect your health by calling the Galveston mold remediation experts of ServiceMaster Advantage.A mold infestation can be very hazardous for your health, and infants, older folks, or those with a compromised immune system are especially at risk. A common symptom of a mold problem is difficulty breathing. Headaches, coughing, and other cold-like symptoms are also common.

Most mold cannot be seen. By the time mold is visible on the ceiling or walls, it is highly likely that you have a bigger mold problem hidden within the internal substructure of your home.

Act quickly for the best results. Mold reproduces rapidly, so a mold infestation can develop in your Galveston home in a short time. The longer it waits, the bigger the problem — act now to protect your health and minimize your costs.

Call ServiceMaster Advantage today.Our experts in mold remediation are always glad to answer any questions you might have.