Even a small fire can cause major damage, and damage only increases over time. Whether you are the occupant or property owner, a fire is devestating. Depending on the damage, it may be difficult to imagine your Galveston home or building ever being restored to its pre-loss condition. Not to fear — at ServiceMaster Advantage, we have the expertise and experience to fully restore the building and many of your contents. If you are facing fire or smoke damages in your Galveston property, call ServiceMaster Advantage today.

Smoke damage
Heat and chemicals in soot create complex chemical reactions when they come into contact with the building materials in your home–especially synthetic ones. With immediate response and the most effective techniques and tools in the industry, we are able to clean up the soot and minimize the damage, rescuing even delicate metals and upholstery. For a fully fire damage restoration in Galveston, call on the experts at ServiceMaster Advantage.

Damage from extinguishing the fire
If you have a fire in your property, it is often necessary to use a fire extinguisher or bring in the fire department, who will use water to put out the fire. Fire extinguisher powder coats everything it touches, and can be challenging to clean up yourself. If the fire department came out, there is also likely more extensive water damage. At ServiceMaster Advantage, we are experienced in cleaning up and restoring all aspects of fire damage — including any damages caused when putting out the fires.

Our services include:

  • Soot and smoke cleanup
  • Odor removal
  • Contents restoration
  • Work with ALL insurance companies
  • Direct insurance billing