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We’re finally in the home stretch of winter. February is usually that time of year when you’re going stir crazy indoors. Take advantage of the last month of cold weather and spruce up your home. You’ll be thanking yourself when you can spend the first warm days of spring outdoors instead of cleaning your home. Complete the following home maintenance checklist now so you can soak up the sun later.

Purge Clutter:

You’ve been staring at it all winter long. Now’s the time to get rid of it. Organize clutter zones in your home to free up space for spring. Doing so may also help prevent a home heating fire.

  • Sort through seasonal items like coats, décor and trinkets.
  • Decide what you’re going to throw away, donate or store for next year. Make sure you’re not holding onto damaged items that you’ll need to replace next season anyways.
  • Give the items you decide to keep a home. This way you’ll know where everything is supposed to go and cleaning up will be a breeze from now on.

Clean Windows:

Your windows have experienced a lot over the course of winter. Rain, mud and debris kicked up by wind are possibly all caked onto your window at the moment.

  • Use window cleaner to wipe down your windows so the spring sun is able to light up your home.
  • Clean other spring items that have been sitting untouched all winter long like ceiling fans. You won’t want to breathe in all the dust that has been collecting for the past few months once you use them again.

Pipe Inspection:

Complete a quick pipe inspection to check for leaks or any other pipe damage that may have occurred over the course of winter. You might also be able to prevent late winter pipe damage.

  • Make sure your heat is always set to at least 55 degrees. This is especially important at night or when your home is unoccupied. Keeping your pipes warm is essential to prevent water damage.
  • Next, go to your laundry room. Run your washing machine and look all around it for leaks. If you have a front-loading machine, make sure the seal around the door is airtight.
  • Last but not least, inspect your bathroom. Look for leaks around your toilet, sink and bathtub while in use.


Your entryway is the buffer between the winter elements and the rest of your home. This area often endures the most damage over the winter. Give your entryway some much-needed attention.

  • Make sure your winter coats and boots have a place to dry that won’t cause too much floor damage.
  • Enforce a no shoe house by placing items in your entryway that make it easy to do so. Durable throw rugs, benches and shoe racks are all great investments for this purpose.
  • Keep a dry mop or cloth nearby to wipe up tracked in rain quickly. This is a great way to prevent long-lasting floor damage.


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Photo by: istock.com/ dorian2013