Disaster PreparednessBeautiful house with a garden

You’ve planned your long-awaited and well-deserved vacation. You balanced the transportation arrangements, the hotel reservations, the key spots to see, and even all the fun stuff in between. While it’s great to look ahead, it’s equally important to make sure the assets you leave behind are safe and secure. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when checking things off your list for your home while it’s left alone:

  1. Turn spare keys into housesitting keys

Burglars know the usual places homeowners’ hide spare keys: under welcome mats, lodged in the eaves of doorways, or in decoy rocks and plants. When you’re away, they have the time to look around for them and possibly gain entry into your home. If you can’t afford a house sitter, give your spare key to a trusted friend or neighbor in case of emergencies or so they can check on your house sporadically.

  1. Make it look as though you never left
  • Have the post office stop your mail or have a neighbor collect it while you’re gone so it doesn’t pile up, leaving a tell-tale sign of an empty house.
  • Don’t purposely close all your curtains or turn off all the lights, making it obvious no one is home. Keep curtains like you usually would, and maybe have a timer or motion-sensor for certain lighted areas of the house.
  • If possible, have a neighbor park in your driveway.
  1. Fix it, trim it, & unplug it
  • Fix any leaky faucets, loose window locks, or faulty electrical lines and smoke detectors.
  • Trim your landscaping or mow your lawn so it doesn’t look neglected as if you haven’t been around for awhile.
  • Unplug your television, computer, toaster, and other appliances to protect them from potential power surges that could result in fire. Many appliances use power even if they’re turned off.
  1. Don’t let it get gross

Take out the trash, throw out any old food, and even run your garbage disposal with a half-cup of vinegar and some water to clear out food particles. Ants, rodents, and other pests won’t be as afraid to check out the local menu if it’s available and unattended.


  1. Be careful what you post on social media

Burglars can be tipped off that you’ll be gone for 2 weeks when you post your excitement for your upcoming trip on any social media platforms. Make your Facebook or other social profiles private or hold off on posting photos of your vacation destination until you’ve already returned.


And of course, if any unexpected disasters do happen to occur while you’re away, we’re always here to help. We’ll get your home back in working order so that you too can get back to work knowing your home is in good hands.