When moisture collects in your home or commercial building, mold growth begins almost immediately. Often, such mold issues develop unobserved within the walls and inside cabinets where a slight leak in a pipe or other water source leads to excess moisture. If you suspect mold, it’s time to take action. Once you have visible mold, that is a likely indication that there is an even greater mold infestation out of sight within the walls or between levels of the building. For a complete mold remediation, call in ServiceMaster Advantage—the Pearland, Texas mold removal professionals.

Immediate action for mold removal is vital for two important reasons: mold is bad for you health and harmful to the building itself. There are always some mold spores in the air, and in this very limited concentration they do not cause problems; however, when a mold infestation does occur the levels of mold often result in breathing difficulties and various health concerns. The presence of mold can cause people with no prior breathing difficulties to experience issues. Mold also eats away at the physical structure of your property.

To protect your property in Pearland and restore the health and safety of your building’s residents, call in ServiceMaster Advantage. We have the expertise to properly treat the affected area without spreading mold spores to other parts of your home or business. We extract damaged materials, treat the area to make it inhospitable for further mold, and restore the space. Professional training and experience are essential to keep a mold problem contained and perform an effective mold remediation. Call today to learn how ServiceMaster Advantage can help you.