A fire is devastating for any homeowner, property manager, or business owner. Even a minor fire can fill the building with smoke and soot; the damage caused by smoke and soot can be even greater than the damage directly caused by the fire. For Pearland fire damage, immediate action is essential to effectively remove the soot layer from the walls, ceiling, and contents—and professional fire damage restoration technicians know the best methods to remove the lingering acrid smell of smoke as well.

The longer soot remains on a surface after a fire, the more challenging the Pearland fire damage cleanup becomes. Over time, items that could previously have been restored become irreversibly damaged and must be thrown away. This is due to the chemical reactions that occur when soot comes into contact with a variety of synthetic materials. Our highly trained, licensed professionals understand the reactions at play and know the best tools and techniques to effectively clean up after a Pearland fire disaster.

Some fires can be put out without calling in the fire department, but if the fire trucks do come, the resulting damage can also be quite extensive. At ServiceMaster Advantage, our technicians are also trained in the specifics of handling water losses, and we tackle thousands of those each year, so we understand how to clean up water damage from putting out your Pearland fire as well.

Whatever your Pearland fire damage cleanup needs, our fire restoration team is equipped to handle it all. With extensive experience, 24-hour emergency service, and direct insurance billing, our team can take care of it all.