houston flood damageHouston, Texas is always susceptible severe storms and rainfall, and with any storm can come water damage and/or flood damage to commercial and residential property. Houston water and flood damage can be the result of leaking pipes, backed up water systems, excessive rainwater, and runoff water. But when Houston flood damage occurs, property owners and managers should be aware of the types of flooding that can occur. In this piece, we’ll be describing the differences between clear and black water flooding.

Clear Water Flooding

Between the two types of flooding, “Clear Water Flooding” causes the least amount of damage to properties. This type of flooding occurs when a waterline pipe, or appliance leaks and allows clean, clear water to flow into your property. Handling clear water flooding is quite simple, our restoration technicians will begin by extracting any remaining standing water, sanitize surfaces in attempt to avoid bacteria growth and mold, provide any necessary repairs, and dry the structures using air movers, dehumidifiers, and variety of other techniques.

Black Water Flooding

The other type of flooding that can occur within a property is “Black Water Flooding”. Black water flooding occurs when storm water from the outdoors begins or a broken sewage line floods into your property. Reason for the name of “black water” is because the water generally contains dirt, bacteria, and several other contaminants, which the water has picked up from its course outdoors or from sewage lines, giving it the dark, black color.

The cleanup process for black water is much more complicated than a normal flood cleanup situation. The reason why black water flooding is so complicated to clean is due to the amount of bacteria and microbes that are involved. These microbes and contaminants can become trapped and absorbed into structures making the sanitization process highly difficult. In many cases with black water flooding, its recommended to replaces materials altogether, as this can ensure that items such as drywall or carpeting are not infested and will not generate dangerous health hazards.

When your facing Houston storm, flood, or water damage, you can rely on the disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster Advantage. We’ve been serving homes and commercial business facilities for several years, whenever you have a disaster or require professional cleaning services in Houston, Texas, contact ServiceMaster Advantage today.