Within just a few hours of a space becoming damp, mold can begin to grow. If you can already see mold on the ceiling or walls, this probably means that you have even more mold inside the walls. Take immediate action to protect your health and your property with Deer Park mold remediation services from ServiceMaster Advantage.

Mold growth can be very harmful to your health. Some mold spores are always present in the air, but the concentration when there is a mold infestation is significantly higher, and can cause even people with no history of difficulty breathing to begin to cough or experience other health issues.

The building occupants are not the only ones at risk. The structure of the building itself can be weakened wherever mold is present.

Start your Deer Park mold cleanup today. The longer you wait, the more difficult and costly the remediation process will become—and the greater the impact on both your health and the building. We remove the affected material and treat the affected area using commercial grade equipment and very specific techniques to prevent the spread of mold to the rest of the building. For over 30 years, ServiceMaster Advantage has performed expert Deer Park mold removal and cleanup services for both homeowners and businesses.

For a complete Deer Park mold remediation, call ServiceMaster Advantage today.