Apartmet complex in Deer Park Texas that had fire damageFires wreak havoc in your home or business. Even a small stove fire can spew soot and smoke throughout the building, leaving a tough-to-clean, unsightly layer on exposed surfaces and a nasty odor lingering in the air. If the fire trucks are called in, and water is used to fight the fire, your property most likely has not only extensive fire and smoke damage, but also has additional water damage. At ServiceMaster Advantage, our staff has received extensive training for water and fire damage restoration. Our experienced team has restored thousands of damaged properties in Deer Park, TX and surrounding areas.

Fire and smoke damage worsens over time; after only a few days, items that could have been restored can become unsalvageable. Soot in contact with synthetic materials triggers complex chemical reactions that can permanently alter the affected materials. After firefighting efforts as well, water will follow the path of least resistance and rapidly worsens.

With 24-hour emergency service for disaster cleanup and restoration, you don’t have to wait. Our team also provides competitive pricing and works directly with ALL insurance companies for a smooth claims process. Call today for a total fire damage restoration and get your home or business back to normal.