CleaningSpring trees infront of a building

The spring season is the time when grass gets greener, new buds emerge and water damage occurs from heavy rains. As a facility manager, you need to take the time to tackle any issues that the winter season brought up when the new season arrives.

There are a variety of spring-cleaning tasks you can do around the facility – including checking for water damage, freshening up the office, and maintaining the HVAC system. Our commercial cleaning experts shared their tips below:

Cleaning Windows

Whether your area has experienced a harsh or mild winter, you should start the spring by cleaning the windows. Natural light is important to boost productivity in the work environment and you could be losing a lot of natural light due to dirty windows. After cleaning the windows, your rooms will brighten up improving your employees’ mood and job performance.

Enhancing Landscape

Landscaping can have a significant impact on your clients and vendors. Spring is the right time to improve your office landscape after the trouble winter brings in. However, maintaining your commercial landscape requires a lot of attention and effort. You should:

  • Trim the bushes
  • Lay fresh mulch
  • Weed with herbicide
  • Aerate and seed
  • Plant flowers, shrubs, and trees

Solving Water Damage

Water damage is another problem that many workplaces encounter after winter. Extreme weather can freeze the water and damage the pipelines, so it’s important to identify and resolve the water damage right away. You can hire a team of professionals to resolve water damage in your commercial setting. Water damage can destroy the foundation and structural integrity of your building and could even lead to mold growth.

Cleaning Carpets

The winter season can also accumulate moisture, debris, and mud in the carpet which can pollute the air inside your commercial property. If you care about the health of your employees, you should hire a cleaning service to clean your carpets in the winter. If you want to improve and maintain your facility’s appearance, you should consult a commercial janitorial team.

Maintaining HVAC System

Cleaning the HVAC system, vents, and ducts after winter is a good idea. This way you can reduce energy consumption and prevent system meltdown. During the winter season, dust and other contaminants can build up in the HVAC system. Thus, you should clean your HVAC system before the spring season.


Handling the above-mentioned tasks all alone can be difficult and time-consuming. You need a professional team to improve your home before winter. ServiceMaster Advantage fixes water damage, cleans the HVAC system, and improves the landscape for commercial and residential settings. You can contact our experts at 844-325-0707 and hire a professional team.