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Our experts at ServiceMaster Advantage want to help you keep your office safe throughout the flu season. Sanitation and cleanliness are critical during the flu season, but especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to provide a few tips for how you can ensure the safety of your employees and whoever else is in your office during this year’s flu season.

Assess High-Traffic Spots

The first tip is to identify any spaces in your office that patrons are using more often and find ways to keep them safe and clean. Common hot spots in the office are doors and handles, elevator buttons, escalator railings, desks, counters, and anything else regularly touched throughout the day. You’ll need to plan your commercial disinfection efforts surrounding all these spots.

Stock Up on Cleaning Materials

It’s important that you have enough cleaning products to cover all those high traffic places you identified. During flu season, it’s recommended to use disposable products like paper towels, disinfection wipes and sprays. Avoid reusable items, as it’s much easier to spread bacteria and germs. Don’t forget to provide hand sanitizer around the office, as well as setting up stations near those high-contact spaces where people can easily disinfect their hands.

Practice Social Distancing

You’ve probably heard about the importance of distancing during the pandemic and that people should be kept six feet from each other when possible. Take the steps to prepare your office with enough markers and features to encourage employees to keep physical distance while working. You can incorporate signs and other dividing features around your office, for example adding Plexiglas or plastic dividers in places where a six-foot distance isn’t possible.

Provide enough information to your employees and patrons about all COVID-19 safety efforts in the workplace and be sure to inform them know about any new safety rules or guidelines you implement.

Support Vaccination Effort

You can hold a vaccination clinic at your office to ensure everyone is vaccinated against the flu. Proper vaccinations help reduce the risk of people becoming ill during the flu season.

Bring in Professional Cleaning Help

The last idea for protecting your office during flu season is to have a commercial disinfection team assist you with your work. Contact the ServiceMaster Advantage team now if you’re looking for a reliable commercial cleaning partner in the Houston, Texas area. We can serve you throughout the working week to keep your office safe for everyone.