Cleaningprofessional doing disinfection

While cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your houses and offices are all necessary forms of hygiene and cleanliness, these three cleaning methods have recently been in the spotlight. People are now giving more importance to it since the rise of the worldwide pandemic.

These three processes are quite effective in preventing COVID-19. While these techniques may not eliminate the risk of contracting the virus completely, they are good precautionary measures. You can also get the job done by hiring the best commercial cleaning services in town, such as ServiceMaster Advantage.

Many people consider cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting as one thing; but, there is a difference between these three tasks. However, whether you clean, sanitize, or disinfect your property, all these serve the same purpose. Read this article to learn the difference between these three life-saving tasks.


Cleaning involves different tasks and the use of various products. The purpose is removing dirt and grime or in case you’ve spilled something on the floor or countertop. People clean their rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, workspace, etc. almost every day to keep their house sparkling and shiny as ever. Organizing different areas in your houses like the pantry or an old overloaded drawer is also part of cleaning.

To achieve a perfectly neat look, you have to use different cleaning products to remove any gunk or dust from the area you’re cleaning. The primary purpose of cleaning is to make everything look tip-top in your house. However, you have to follow up your cleaning with other methods such as sanitizing and disinfecting the areas in your house if you want to get rid of all the possible germs that could put your health at risk.


Sanitizing is a pure bacteria killer, and you should sanitize different outdoor and indoor surfaces in your home every day. Besides cleaning, sanitizing helps eliminate bacteria present on the surfaces that could serve as a breeding ground for germs and viruses around you. If you sanitize a surface, you may not even need to clean it. It would help if you regularly sanitized those areas in your house that directly contact your food, such as kitchen countertops, dining tables, etc.

Sanitizers are also an excellent way to get rid of bacteria and are easily available in pocket-size bottles. However, out of a million microorganisms, sanitizers help kill only 1000. Hence, you have to go ahead and disinfect your house to kill the germs completely.


To get rid of the germs hidden in your house, you’ve got to disinfect the entire area using a disinfecting spray. People who want a germ swipe out often hire cleaning companies, like ServiceMaster Advantage, that carry out extensive disinfecting services. These companies are the best for getting rid of germs, bacteria, and other harmful microbes in big office buildings and houses. This method will surely keep you and others around you safe from inheriting short-term or long-term viruses.

After reading this article, you may now have a good idea of the different purposes of each method. To better understand the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection services, you can watch this short YouTube video. Contact ServiceMaster Advantage for the best disinfecting services and live a healthy life.