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Professional janitorial cleaning services does more than just make your workspace shine – it makes your employees happier and healthier, too. When your employees are satisfied and feel cared for, they are far more productive than those who are forced to work in a filthy, unsanitary work environment.

As an OSHA-compliant professional cleaning company, ServiceMaster Advantage has served large and small companies with janitorial cleaning services that make your business run optimally. Our teams are extensively trained in proven techniques and best practices that can make a world of difference in worker productivity. Let’s take a look at how janitorial cleaning services help you create a better workplace today.

How Regular Janitorial Cleaning Services Improve Worker Productivity

1. Employees Use Fewer Sick Days

Regularly scheduled cleanings to your workspace are a type of non-pharmaceutical intervention or NPI for short. These NPIs help reduce the transmission of infectious diseases, such as the flu or COVID-19, and lead to significantly less transmission between staff, visitors, and customers. This helps decrease the risk of spreading viruses among employees and can stay on track without having to take time off for avoidable illnesses.

2. Employees Become More Focused on Their Work

When all is said and done, you hire employees to do work that meets their qualifications, not to spend valuable time tidying around the workspace. However, if the office is cluttered and cumbersome, employees may waste valuable time navigating through a cluttered space, ultimately creating a cluttered mind – or spending on-the-clock hours handling tasks that could be handled by a professional cleaning technician.

3. Employees Spend More Time Working in Cleaner Environments

When a building is cleaned for health standards, employees feel at ease to work without avoiding unsightly or unsanitary areas. This means that they’re more likely to spend the appropriate time getting their work complete without having to worry about getting dirty or contracting an illness.

4. You’ll Save Money

Professional janitorial services help your company save money. Instead of hiring a staff member, which increases your overheads, outsourcing cleaning services can help you streamline your expenses. Because your business only needs to pay for services when they’re required, you don’t have to worry about having more employees on your payroll that require salaries, health insurance, bonuses, and other benefits.

Professional Janitorial Cleaning Services with ServiceMaster Advantage

Now that you’re aware of how a clean work environment impacts your bottom line, it’s time to hire the best janitorial cleaning service you can get by choosing ServiceMaster Advantage. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals delivers a cleaner work environment for offices, banks, schools, churches, medical facilities, and more. Receive a free custom quote from ServiceMaster Advantage today by giving us a call and find out how we can help you create a healthier, happier workplace!