Flood DamageFlooded Room in Pasadena Texas

Most people aren’t prepared for a flood when it hits. The type of situation where a weather-related flood occurs can be sudden, unexpected, and very destructive. ServiceMaster Advantage is here to help you through the best steps for safety and restoration after a flood. Follow these tips for a speedy recovery:

Consider Your Own Safety First

Remember that electricity and water do not mix. Make sure to turn the power off, or let a professional do it if you don’t feel comfortable risking it.

Find the Source

If you can, determine where the water is coming from. If an overflowing or clogged storm drain is the culprit, call the city. If it’s a burst pipe, call a plumber as soon as possible. If your sump pump breaks, replace it immediately to prevent further damage. Once you are able to stop the water flow, you can then begin the recovery process to repair the damages.

Begin the Drying Process

You will need to call a professional water damage cleanup and remediation company. ServiceMaster Advantage of Houston can help dry the area properly as well as prevent mold from taking hold. When disaster truly strikes, home dehumidifiers or fans aren’t strong enough to be effective.

Call Your Insurance Company

Documentation is extremely important for submitting an insurance claim when you experience a flood. Taking photos will build your case of how much damage occurred and help your insurance adjuster assess your case.

Cleaning and Repairs

After the insurance company has finished their assessment of the damages, then it’s our job as professionals to save what can be salvaged and determine what needs to be thrown away or replaced. If the water damage is severe enough, you may need to hire a contractor to rebuild certain areas of your property.

If you neglect to call a professional, you could be risking major structural damage to your property. Flooding creates an ideal environment for mold to grow, so even if you dry everything to the best of your ability, that doesn’t mean that moisture isn’t lingering in the fabrics or porous materials of your home. Call ServiceMaster Advantage of Houston at any time of day or night if you suffer from flooding damage. We have the expertise and the right technicians to take care of you during your time of need.